Black Silicone Rubber Sheet

Black silicone rubber sheeting
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FDA grade Black silicon material
Certificate: SGS, ROSH/REACH
Color:Green, Black, Blue
Tensile strength: 7Mpa/9Mpa

We could supply two kinds of silicon rubber sheet:

1.Common food grade silicon rubber sheet

FDA certificated by SGS,

 This product has both excellent high and low temperature resistant properties. Adopted special fomula and technical process, it owns better heat and high temperature resistance than common silicone rubber. Among them, milky white, translucent or white color is available for common series while light yellow or brown Black color is available for standard series. This product can be persistently used under the temperature 250°C and its instantaneous high temperature resistance can be up to 300°C, which is suitable for making various kinds of high temperature resistant gasket, roller, sealing strip and so on. 

Specification and technical data



Black Silicone rubber



Tensile strength(Mpa)


Elongation at break(%)


Tear resistance(KN/M)


Hardness(Shore A)


2.Silicon Membrane for Solar Laminator

Fullchance uses qualified raw material of a world-famous brand for the high tear-resistant silicon rubber sheet and carries out technical cooperation with professional companies domestically and abroad. Fullchance adopts advanced techniques and special equipment, large drum-type vulcanization unit, in the development of the product, which has a high level of stability, a good evenness and reliability. Specially used for solar energy laminator, etc.

According to specific working conditions and lose-efficacy forms of solar laminated sheet, Fullchance develops the second generation silicone rubber sheet. Based on the former silicone rubber sheet, this one brings in the green environmental reinforcing material which is acid resistang, chemical resistant, high temperature resistant, so the tensile strength, tearing strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone rubber sheet are greatly improved, then the lifetime is longer. The advantage of the silicone rubber sheet is that even if it is used to the extreme, the solar module will not be damaged.

The third generation silicone rubber sheet has great improvement on the chemical resistant and ageing resistant property, especially on the high resistance to the EVA volatile matter, then the lifetime can be longer.

Appearance and color

Transparent. One side smooth. One side cloth grain/Two sides smooth

Black color/grey color, two sides smooth

Black color, One side smooth One side cloth grain/two sides smooth


1. The maximum width can be 4000mm without joint, the word's first.

2. Special specifications can be ordeBlack according to customers' requirements.

3. We can provide kinds of silicone rubber sealing strips for laminator, high temperature resistant Teflon cloth. 


First generation

Second generation

Fourth generation

Hardness(Shore A)



75-78(working surface)
60-65(buffering surface)

Tensile strength  Mpa ≥




Tearing strength  N/mm ≥




Long run temperature °




Normal using life (times)




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