High Tearing Silicone Rubber Sheet

solar-fluorine silicone rubber sheet
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Detailed Product Description

1.Excellent acid-resistance,
2.the corrosion caused by EVA volatile is almost zero.
3.Surface inertness, good stain resist


Shenzhen Fullchance Industry Rubberized Co., Ltd is a professional Chinese manufactory specialized in manufacturing sealing rubber sheet used for solar module laminator. we give long-term support services to many domestic companies which manufacture solar laminators. Because os stable quality, excellent performance and good service, it enjoys high popularity and good reputation in this industry. 10% of the products have been exported to Japan, Korea, European and American countries. Though more than five years of production and services, the company has accumulated a wealth of production technology and experience, also has made deep research of the performance requirement and failure cause, to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh and develop new sealing rubber sheet.

Recently, the company introduced new equipment, new materials, new technology, develop the forth generation of sealing rubber sheet for solar laminator-Fluorine silicone rubber sheet.

Based on the characteristics of the heating resistance, low modulus, big elastic deformation, good elastic recovery of the former silicone rubber sheet, Fluorine silicone rubber sheet overcomes the weakness that silicone rubber sheet is not resistant to acidic medium (especially EVA volatile), it will not become hard and fragile after using a period of time, it’ll keep good elasticity and strength. Because of the surface inertness, it has good stain resistance and easy to clean, so the performance will be

better and it’ll have longer using life(more than three times) .

The main technical data of fluorine silicone rubber sheet:

Hardness:  68~73 shore A  (working surface)

          63~68 shore A (buffering surface)

Tensile strength:≥10.2 Mpa

Elongation: ≥660%

Tearing strength: ≥45N/mm

Tensile permanent deformation:≤4%


Five outstanding characteristics

Excellent acid-resistance, the corrosion caused by EVA volatile is almost zero.

Surface inertness, good stain resistance, easy to clean.

Extra-wide single rate, no joint, good integrity.

Longer using life, more than three times of the former ones.

Better temperature resistance, can meet the needs of high temperature curing process.