Interlocking EVA rubber floor
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Detailed Product Description

*Anti-slip animal hoof design
*Non porous/absorbing
*Easy to clean design
*Impact resistance


Size: 1830mmx1220mm x15-40mm




1.Anti-slip animal hoof design

2.Non porous/absorbing

3.Easy to clean design

4.Impact absorbing

5. EVA is a very durable, synthetic material which is ideally suited for stable floor
and walls. It absorbs impact to protect both horse and wall.
6.Lightweight for easier handling & transporting; Interlocking system improves stability




*Prevents animal injury from slipping over

*Doesn’t hold any liquids which can lead to bacteria & infections

*Reduces stress in animals and in turn increases comfort

*Reduces amount of bedding required



*Horse yards, stables & pens



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