General Rubber Sheet

FKM rubber sheet
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  • FKM's are serviceable in continuous heat of up to 250º C and intermittent heat of up to 300º C.
  • Satisfactory resistance to low temperatures of typically -20º C and - 40º C by use of special grades.
  • FKM's exhibit good flame resistance and are usually self extinguishing upon removal of flame source.
  • All FKM's have excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and natural weathering.
  • FKM compounds have outstanding resistance to compression, especially at elevated temperatures.
  • Resistance to chemicals; amongst all synthetic rubbers FKM's are the most resistant to many of the solvents and chemicals, giving long service where other materials do not.
  • Excellent resistance against hydrocarbons, aliphatics, aromatic and chlorinated chemicals.
  • Good resistance to acids and alkali's including oxidants. Poor performance against ethers, ketones, and bases.

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