EVA Sheet, Colour EVA Foam
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Basic Info.

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Plastic Bag




Mainland China

Production Capacity: 

30, 000cbm/Month

Product Description

The product is the new environmental protection plastic foaming material, has the good cushion, the earthquake resistance, the heat insulation, moisture-proof, merits and so on anti-chemical etching, and non-toxic, does not absorb water. The EVA oak models the product to be possible to process the forming after the design, its quakeproof performance surpasses the polystyrene (froth) and so on traditional foaming materials, and meets the environmental protection requirement, is the export products best choice. Is opposite may cut, the formation in the quakeproof packing; Because the density difference is big, but may also have a more widespread use.

1) water resistance: The airtight abscess structure, does not absorb water, moisture-proof, the water resistant performance is good.

2) wearability: Bears chemicals and so on sea water, fat, acid, alkali to corrode, antibacterial, 3)non-toxic, tasteless, does not have the pollution. Workability: And easy to carry on processings and so on thermo-compression, tailor, rubberizing, fitting.

3) against vibration: The rebound elasticity and the stretching resistance are high, tough, has the good quakeproof/cushion performance.

4) heat preservation: The heat insulation, the heat preservation cold-resistance and the low temperature performance are outstanding, may bear severely cold and the insolation.

5) Sound-insulated: The airtight abscess, the sound-insulated effect is good.

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