Polyurethane/PU Foam sheet

Polyurethane/PU Foam sheet
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Fullchance PU foam Sponge Who mainly produce the natural sponge and pva sponge, many kinds of furniture foam,sofa foam.


Products are widely used in the fields of chemistry, sanitary, medical, Architecture, household electrical appliances, aquarium, autos and motors, sewage and petroleum treatment for filtering, protecting, decorating, straining, cleaning and others.



(1) Material: Sponge,foam,PU. It is an environmental protection material.

(2) Any sizes can be produced.

(3) various colors.

(4) different density and shapes can be produced according your drawing or samples.

(5) Packing:

a) Packed into poly bag, compressed into 1/4 of its primary size and vacuumed.
b) Rolled up and packed into durable fiber bags.