Commercial Foam Sponge Rubber Sheet

PE Sleeping Mat (ZTD)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.:  ZTD
Export Markets:  Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:  Fullchance
Packing:  Standard Export Bags
Standard:  Any Size According to Your Requirements
Origin:  Fullchance
HS Code:  39120012
Production Capacity:  10000000PCS/Year

Product Description

The PE mat has several advantages:
3)easy to store

About PE:

PE product: Chemistry crossing linking foaming polyethylene plastic production has the mold pressing law and squeezes out the law two craft routes, the mold pressing law production polyethylene chemistry crossing linking expanded plastic (PEF) is continuously the intermittent type production, the equipment investment are few, the foaming percentage is low, the density is big, product size range small (product for massive, then minute slivers sheet material), but squeezes out the law production the polyethylene chemistry crossing linking expanded plastic (XPE) is the continuous production, XPE is Our company introduces the world vanguard technology, the fill domestic gap high-tech product, the XPE product has the fine characteristic compared to the PEF product, if the foaming percentage is high, the density is low, thickness is thin, the surface is smooth, high elasticity, Toughness, the easy two workabilities, the use to be more widespread.

The XPE product the advanced countries is called by the world in the non-environmental damage product, in the product manufacturing process, does not cause the environmental pollution, the product after the use, easy to recycle, when burning down does not cause the serious air pollution. PS, the PU product easy to make decent, is not easy to recycle, when burning down causes the atmosphere to pollute seriously, therefore the advanced countries forbids PS, PU in the world to make the packing material import gradually, namely must use XPE or EPE makes the packing the product only then to permit the import

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