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Solid Silicone Sheet/ Silicone Rubber Sheet materials are inventoried by Seashore Manufacturing Limited from 0.5mm to 20mm thick and 30 to 70 durometer(hardness) Shore A.

Our Solid silicone sheeting continues to grow and is available in four standard colours white, translucent, red oxide and black.

The dimensions for silicon rubber sheet of our stock stardard is in the following:


1000mmx10mx from 1mm to 20mm
1200mmx10mx from 1mm to 20mm
1500mmx10mx from 1mm to 5mm
1800mmx10mx from 1mm to 5mm
2000mmx10mx from 1mm to 5mm

The specification of most standard silicone sheet we produce are as below:

Density: 1.25 g/cm3
Handness: 55 Shore A
Tensile strength: 7.0 mpa
Elongation at Breakage: 320%
Tension Set: 8%
Tear Strength: 20 KN/M
Heat Resistant: 200 C

Sizes Thinkness tolerance(+/-mm)

10mx1m or 1.2mx1mm 0.1
10mx1m or 1.2mx2 to 6mm 0.2
10mx1m or 1.2mx7 to 10mm 0.3

The above is silicone rubber sheet standard at Shore A Hardness 40, 50, 60. Other sizes, colours and hardnesses are available on request.

Beside standard ones, we supply FDA food grade silicone sheet, anti-static silicone sheet, anti-acid silicone sheet.
Special silicone sheet is use of wood/chipboard laminating, glass industrial, solar industrial.

Our Solid silicone rubber sheet is 200 degree centigrade temperature resistant as standard, but we also can do high temperature resistant up to 270 degree centigrade.
Standard size (length XwidthXthickness)









We also supply a range for chinese specification silicone sheet.  Please follow the links below for our most common types:

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