Anti Slip Rubber Floor Mat Series

Interlocking Rubber Mat
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Dura-Chef Interlock
Interlocking Rubber Mat

• Simple and easy "DIY" installation.
• Generally in stock, ships within 24 hours.
• Easily interlocks to cover large areas.
• Made from eco-conscious natural rubber.
• Excellent slip resistance, even when wet.
Anti-Fatigue Matting: This flooring mat is designed with the comfort of youand your employees in mind at an affordable rate. What makes these rubber floormats the logical choice is not only how comfortable they are, but how sturdythey are as well.

Interlocking Tile Flooring: The 5/8” thick version of this matting comes in 3foot by 3 foot squares that can connect to each other with ease in order tocreate as large an area as needed.

Best Kitchen Mats: Whether for your kitchen at home or in your commercial restaurant orbar, this easy to clean, non-slip floor mat cannot be beat!

Non-Skid Rubber: Usingrubber flooring mats is always an excellent choice when slipping is a concern.The high coefficient of friction that naturally occurs in rubber makes it one ofthe best materials available.
Mat Size
1-9 Units
10-24 Units
25-99 Units
100+ Units
5/8" x 36" x 36" Black
5/8" x 36" x 36" Red
Honey combed drainage mat with excellent anti-fatigue qualities. The holes in the mats provide excellent drainage, allowing liquid and debris to pass through, providing anti-slip protection. Natural rubber is used in producing these mats to provide excellent flexibility and durability.
Natural Rubber
Natural Rubber & Nitrile
5/8 inch
36 inch x 36 inch, 18lbs.
Hardness: [ASTM D 2240]
55 +/-5 Shore A
Compression: [ASTM D 395]
Tensile Strength: [ASTM D 412]
3.48 MPa
Elongation: [ASTM D 412]
Abrasion: [DIN 53516]
276 mm3
Specific Gravity: [ASTM D 1298]
Tear Strength: [ASTM D 624]
31 Nmm-1
Available Colors:
Black and Red
Aerospace, Anti-Fatigue, Assembly Lines, Automotive, Bars, Bathrooms, Butcher, Car Washes, Cashier Stands, Cruise Ships, Culinary Schools, Drainage, Fast Food, Packaging, Flower Shops, Food Preparation, Guard Stands, Grease Resistant, Ice Skating Rinks, Kennel Liners, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Locker Rooms, Marine Apps, Manufacturing, Pool Areas, Restaurants, Screen-Printing, Sheds, Showers, Skating Rinks, Slip Resistance, Spas, Veterinarian, Warehouses, Washrooms, Waste Management, Workstations, Zoos.
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