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Drainage Rubber Mat
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Solid Rubber compounds are highly resistant to industrial chemicals, oils, greases or animal fats. Very durable!
Large openings allow liquid and debris to drain through, keeping the standing surface clean and dry.

Two colors for two purposes:
Black for industrial applications with petroleum oils or greases are present. Terra Cotta when the mat is in contact with animal fats such as deep fryers or meat packing facilities.

Knobby bottom allows complete drain through of water or fluids.
Continuous rolls with one piece construction are now available in three lengths to fit your specific application area.
Perfect behind lunch counters, bars or industrial assembly lines where water and lubricants are a safety hazard.

Simply hose off or pressure wash to remove debris.
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Colors: Black, gray
Available size: 915mm * 1524mm
Thickness: 13mm

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