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Diamond Plate P1 Cushion Mat
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Our wear resistant 3mm thick solid rubber top surface is laminated to 17mm resilient closed cell foam for exceptional stress relief and anti-fatigue mat. Overall thickness 20mm.

Now available in "Double Duty" 1" thick! Unsurpassed anti-fatigue mat performance and durability.

Industrial Diamond Plate top surface is highly slip resistant, resists excessive wear and tear, for years of employee safety mat comfort.

Resilient anti-fatigue mat sponge base is engineered for proper leg and back support, while relieving stress.

Increases productivity and improves employee morale, while reducing costly fatigue related mistakes and accidents.

Bright safety mat borders (optional) add a strong visual warning in the plant or factory when needed.

Colour: Black, green (other colours according to clients' need)

Available size:

Wide: 1220mm

Length: 1830mm

Thickness: 20mm

We can produce it according to the size customer required