Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

Silicone - Commercial Grade Red/Orange - 60A
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Silicone - Commercial Grade Red/Orange - 60A

Red Silicone Rubber Sheet Used For Extreme Temperature Resistance
Product Description and Specifications
Description: Commercial grade silicone sheeting is used in applications where physical properties are not critical but extreme temperature resistance is necessary. This sheeting makes excellent gasket material, offers both UV and ozone resistance.
Compound: 100% Silicone Sheet
Color: Red
Durometer: 60 Shore A, +/-5
Temperature Range: -103 F to 450 F
Minimum Tensile: 870 PSI or 6 MPA
Finish: Smooth
Minimum Elongation: 300%
Gauges: 1/32”, 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”
Widths: 36"
Roll Length: 25’ or 50’ depending on thickness.
Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to Fungus, Acetic Acid, Ammonia Gas (hot and cold), Corn Oil, Fish Oil, Lime Sulfur, Methyl Ether, Ozone, Sodium Sulfate, Tartaric Acid, Vinegar, and many more. For Silicone’s compatibility with your specific medium please consult a Fullchance representative.
Applications: High-Temperature Gasketing, Laboratory Equipment, Cost-Conscious Materials, Commercial Chemical Resistance.
Flexibility: This elastomer is available in a wide range of durometers (35-75), however it its stocked in 55-65 Durometer only.
Custom Cuts In addition to hand fabrication, this product can be fabricated using laser, die, and water-jet cutting. Please submit your drawings for a price quote.
Availability: Popular gauges are stocked.


Commercial grade silicone rubber sheets are used in applications where extreme temperature resistance is necessary. Its physical properties are not as important as its working temperature range. Compared to other synthetic elastomer products, a silicone product can function in corrosive applications where temperatures can reach up to 450° F or fall down to -103° F. It also serves an aesthetic function thanks to its red color. This red silicone sheet can add a professional and unique look to the task it is being used for. We offer commercial silicone sheeting for custom fabrication so that you can have the right sheet product for your application.

Great Temperature Range: When it comes to working in extreme temperature ranges, it is hard to find something that beats high temperature silicone material. It has a working range between -103° F and 450° F, making it ideal for use in a large variety of settings and applications. A silicone sheet makes excellent seal and gasket material when an application can be corrosive.

Moderate Flexibility: This commercial grade silicone product has a durometer rating of 55-65. This medium grade rating means that the silicone rubber sheets feature a moderate level of flexibility and elasticity. This allows for the sheets to be used as seals, gaskets, and other commercial components with relative ease. While they can be manipulated easily for specific jobs, they also have a moderate degree of durability against physical indentation, ensuring that their finish remains smooth.

Customized Options: Our high temperature silicone sheets are among the most versatile products we have. We appreciate the fact that your application requires a unique part tailored to your specifications. We offer our silicone rubber sheets in various widths and lengths. But no matter what dimensions you get your commercial silicone, it will still possess the unique physical and chemical properties that it is known for.

More Benefits:

  • Able to resist fungus, hot and cold gases, and some chemicals
  • Commercial grade material ideal for commercial equipment use
  • Comes in a red color variation that goes from regular red to muted red
On a product: No

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