Industrial Viton Rubber Sheet

Fluoro Elastomer Rubber Sheets
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Viton Rubber Sheets ( Fluoro Elastomer )

Viton Rubber Sheets (Fluoro-Elastomer Rubber Sheets) are manufactured using Synthetic Polymer hexa-fluoropropylene vinyl-idene fluoride commercially known as Viton. Viton was originally introduced around 60 years ago for Aeronautical Industry as a high-performance elastomer which can bear extremely hot & adverse atmosphere. There after considering Viton’s capabilities it is diploid in various Industrial application.




Viton Rubber Sheets are resistant to Heat, High Temperature (250 °C),  flame resistance and usually self-extinguishing. It has good resistance towards hydrocarbons, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated chemicals. It has fair resistance aginst various Acids & Alkalis.


Viton is best Fluoro-Elastomer for fuel system seals, expansion joints,  heat & flame resistant gaskets.


Manufactured using blend of Fluoro-Elastomer & Rubber Processing Chemicals.


Length x Width   -               

  1. 1mtr x 2mtr,
  2. 1mtr x Long length,
  3. 1.2mtr x Long length,
  4. 1.5mtr x Long length,
OR As Per customer’s requirement.

Rubber Sheets manufactured in the range of 1mm to 50mm.

  1. Smooth on both sides
  2. Fabric impression on one side & smooth at the other.

Technical Specifications:

Viton Rubber Sheets could be manufactured as per the mentioned Properties & Variation depending upon application requirement.

  1. Specific Gravity (gm / cm3)
  2. Hardness  (Shore A,±5) 
  3. Tensile Strength, min (kg/ cm2 )
  4. Elongation at break, min(%)
  5. Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%)
  6. Service Temperature Range
  • 2.0
  • 70
  • 60
  • 150 to 200
  • 45
  • -30° C to +250° C