Industrial Nitrile Rubber Sheet

Nitrile Rubber Sheeting - Gas Aproved
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Gas Approved Nitrile Rubber Sheeting


Gas approved Nitrile rubber sheeting is resistant to moderate abrasion and has good general properties. It also has good resistance to acids, oil, grease and petroleum based fluids. Gas approved Nitrile rubber sheeting has moderate mechanical properties and is manufactured to BS2494G.



Shore Hardness*: 65° ± 4°



Temperature: -23°C to +70°C






Colour: Black
Roll Size (mtrs): 10 x 1.4
Thickness (mm): 3


*We stock both 65° and 75° ± 4° grades and may supply either. If you require a specific shore hardness, please specify in writing at the time of enquiry.



Technical Specification: