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Elastomeric Bearing Pads For Bridges
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Bridge Bearing Grade Rubber Pad


Quick Overview

Bridge Bearing Pads , low frequency vibration, acoustic and shock isolation and has been used globally in industrial and structural applications.
Article No. Roll Length (m) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
FC-005 2 1000 5
FC-010 2 1000 10
FC-012 2 1000 12.5
FC-015 2 1000 15
FC-020 2 1000 20
FC-025 2 1000 25
FC-030 2 1000 30
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.


Bridge Bearing Rubber does not contain any ground or recycled vulcanizes, it has good weathering resistance and is suitable for use up to 6 weeks at sub zero temperatures with occasional periods of up to 3 days below -25ºC. This product can be cut to customers size requirements.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material Natural Rubber (NR)
Hardness (Shore A) 60
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) -25
Density (g/cm³) 1.5
Tensile Strength (MPa) 15.5
Elongation at break (%) 400
Abrasion Resistance (mm³) (DIN53516) 300