Pure Gum Natural Rubber

High Elastic Natural Gum Rubber Sheet - Tan
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Para Rubber Sheeting

Tan coloured natural rubber



  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • Widely used as protective screening for shotblasting.
  • Also used in strip or gasket form where durability is essential.
  • 40 degrees shore A hardness.
  • Tensile strength at break: 18 Mpa. Elongation at break: 600%.
Part Number Size Colour Weight
#001 1.4m x 10m x 3mm Tan 47.00 kg
#002 1.4m x 10m x 6mm Tan 85.00 kg
#003 1.4m x 5m x 10mm Tan 84.00 kg
#004 1.4m x 5m x 12mm Tan 98.00 kg



* Fabrication even beyond standard sizes 


Technical Specifications