Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Industrial Grade CR Sheet Rubber
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Industrial Grade CR Sheet Rubber

Effective resistance to mineral oils, greases, dilute acids and alkalis



  • Good ageing and weathering properties.
  • Suitable for outdoor applications.
  • 65 degrees shore A hardness.
  • Tensile strength at break: 6.0 Mpa. Elongation at break: 250%.
Part Number Size Colour Weight
#001 1.4m x 10m x 1.5mm Black 31.00 kg
#002 1.4m x 10m x 3mm Black 61.40 kg
#003 1.4m x 10m x 4.5mm Black 90.55 kg
#004 1.4m x 10m x 6mm Black 125.00 kg
#005 1.4m x 5m x 10mm Black 109.00 kg
#006 1.4 x 5m x 12mm Black 126.60 kg
#007 1.4m x 5m x 20mm Black 236.00 kg
#008 1.4m x 5m x 25mm Black 290.00 kg



* Fabrication even beyond standard sizes


Technical Specifications



Major components - Chloroprene rubber (CR), Styrene-Butadine rubber (SBR), white carbon black. 

Minor components - Zinc oxide, Sulfur, Accelerators / Activators (< 1 % ), Antioxidant / Stabilizers (<1 % ).

Surface Finish


Product Height


Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +80℃

Typical Applications

Suitable for outdoor applications

Product Performance

Test Temperature 25℃ Relative Humidity 35% Test by GB5574-94 Correlation criterion GB/T528-1998 GB/T3512-1989 GB/T531-1992

Country of Origin