Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Nylon Inserted CR Rubber Sheet
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Nylon Inserted CR Rubber Plate


Neoprene Insertion Rubber sheet is a premium grade synthetic rubber sheet made from 30% Neoprene polymer. It has excellent physical properties including good mechanical strength, with moderate abrasion resistance and tear strength. It displays good temperature resistance.

Neoprene Insertion Rubber is reinforced with a nylon monofilament fabric for superior tear strength and dimensional stability.

Neoprene Insertion Rubber has moderate resistance to acids, alkalis and petroleum based fluids.


Fullchance Neoprene can be used in a variety of applications including:

› Gaskets and seals

› Pads and strips

› Tank and vessel lining

› Conveyor skirting and curtains

 Variety of sealing applications

 Construction seals

 Expansion joints