EPDM Rubber Sheet

Premium Grade EPDM Rubber Sheet - 70 Shore A
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Primium EPDM Rubber - 70 Shore A

EPDM Rubber Sheet - Features


Fullchance EPDM rubber sheet is a premium grade synthetic rubber made from 100% EPDM polymer. It is specifically designed to display excellent ozone and high temperature resistance. This makes Fullchance EPDM suitable for outdoor applications with long term exposure to weathering and UV.

EPDM has excellent physical properties including mechanical strength.

Fullchance EPDM rubber will also display resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis. EPDM is suitable for prolonged exposure to aquatic environments and will not deteriorate when submerged.

EPDM Rubber Sheet - Applications

Fullchance Premium EPDM can be used in a variety of critical applications including:

  Gaskets and seals

  Pads and strips

  Tank and vessel lining

  Conveyor skirting and curtains

  Variety of sealing applications