Latex Rubber Sheet

0.5mm X 750mm X 50M Black Rubber Latex Sheet - Durometer 35 Shore A
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Rubber Latex Sheet:

Size:               0.5mm X 750mm X 50M per roll
Color:             Black, Red, Pink, Tan, etc.
Hardness:     35~40shore A

Technical Specifications Downlads:

Rubber Latex Sheet Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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Hardness Report (SGS)
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Thickness Report (SGS)
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Latex rubber is the purest form of rubber. It has a smooth finish on both sides, high tensile strength and elasticity.
Latex rubber can be supplied in food compliant, anti-static and high temperature grades.  It is commonly used for 
bakery release films, diaphragms, seals, gaskets, and vacuum blankets.




Vacuum blankets for composite moldings, bonding laminated structures, laminating fabrics and veneers to 
complex shaped structures, bakery release film, cut diaphragms, seals & gaskets.


Temperature: up to +80ºC







Up to 750mm as standard


0.2mm to 3.0mm




Natural Rubber plus essential processing chemical and pigments.

Health Hazards:

Natural Latex Rubber Sheeting is generally considered non-hazardous. However, the product is manufactured from natural latex and latex products may cause an allergic reaction to some people. Persons who know they are susceptible to an allergic reaction from latex products should avoid contact with Natural Latex Rubber Sheeting.

Fire Hazard:

Sheeting should be protected during handling and storage from naked flames as rubber is flammable. In storage areas it is advisable to observe non-smoking restrictions.

Storage and Use:

Temperature:  Store below 26°C and away from heaters.


Humidity:          Avoid damp storage conditions.

Light:                 Protect from prolonged exposure to light in particular bright sunlight and 
                           strong U.V. light which will degrade light coloured sheets.

Metals:             Avoid contact with copper and copper containing alloys which will stain light coloured sheets brown.

Oils and Solvents: Avoid contact with oils, solvents and greases, which will destroy natural rubber.

Fire:                   Keep away from flame.

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