Silicone Membrane for Woodworking Vacuum Presses

Tensile Strength 9.5MPa Silicone Sheet 55 Shore A Grey - Smooth/Smooth
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Grey Durometer 55 Silicone Sheet – smooth/smooth

Technical Data

Model No. FC2211
Durometer 55° +/- 5°
Elongation > 750%
Tensile Strength > 1378 psi (9.5 Mpa)
Max Temperature
Standard Thickness
Max Width
250°C / 482°F

Dimensions Available

  Metric US (approx.) Seams
  4902 x 1830 x 3mm 193” x 72” x 0.12” seamless
  3556 x 1778 x 3mm 140″ x 70″ x 0.12″ seamless
  3600 x 1660 x 3mm 142” x 65” x 0.12” seamless
  3545 x 1715 x 3mm 139.5″x67.5″x0.12″ seamless
  3000 x 1660 x 3mm 118” x 65” x 0.12” seamless

Other Dimensions As Requested

Standard Technical Data: 

Type FC2211
Thickness, mm: 3
Thickness tolerance, mm: +/- 0,2
Width, mm: Max 3800
Length, m: Custom
Density, g/cm3: 1,25 +/- 0,05
Working temperature, max C: 250
Tensile strength, Mpa: 9,5
Hardness, ShA: 55 +/- 5
Elasticity , %: 750
Tear strength, N/mm: 36
Color: Grey
Surface: Smooth


Area of application


Solar panel laminating, laminating of foil, veneer, production of triplex, thermoforming of solid surface and thermoplastic materials.


Membrane FAQs


What difference does the color make? 

- The color is really just to make it easier to differentiate between different material durometers.

So why do you have some different colors for the same durometer?

- The answer to that is simply “Give the people what they want!” Some of our customers maintain that certain colors work better for them than another in the same mixture. Whenever we can, we’ll accomodate that.

What’s better, a smooth or a textured surface?

- It depends on what works best for your application. Some customers need a smooth surface for high-gloss finishes. Some prefer a textured or matte surface toward the heating platen for improved heat transfer. Some use the textured or matte surface down toward the foil to get a slightly different sheen on their foil, or to prevent darker foils from scuffing.

I call it a membrane, but my co-workers keep calling it a sheet and now you’re telling me some others call it a diaphragm! What’s the real name?

- Stop giggling and call it whatever you like, we’ll know what you mean.

Downloads of Standard Silicone Membranes:


Silicone Membrane - Standard Tear Strength FC2111 
Download PDF


Silicone Membrane - High Tear Strength FC2211
Download PDF

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