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Hypalon Fabrics Rubber
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ModelHypalon Rubber Sheet
:  Black/Yellow/Red/Orange/Gray/White/Blue
Temp Range
-35°C to +125°C

Physical character: hypalon fabrics with an attractive coating of hypalon are weather and water resistant, rugged and yet are lightweight and easy to handle. All these qualities make it perfect for use on inflatable boats. Colorful coated fabrics made with hypalon are used for hatch and boat covers, radomes, inflated structures, and are ideal for quality awnings, boating garb, convertible tops and other consumer products.Hypalon has been used for over 40 years in many diverse synthetic rubber applications because of its broad assortment of valuable properties. Whether it is used as a protective coating for fabrics, hose and tubing in automobiles, or single ply roofing, hypalon fabric will effectively resist abrasion, chemicals and the weather to last longer than other materials. Hypalon was originally formulated by Dupont and is now used in the manufacture of many other products. Hypalon coated fabrics are widely acknowledged as the longest lasting material for use in the manufacturer of RIB Collars and Tubes and are a Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) / Polychloroprene (CR) material.
We have strong R & D capability and excellent produce experiences on the field of functionality rubber polymer with the premium material + classic formulation + advanced management. It is specialized to produce all kinds of rubber fabrics for inflatable boats, rafts and life-float. It is made with high quality hypalon, neoprene rubber and high tensile polyester fabrics. Hypalon rubber is chlorosulphonated polyethylene with ultra resistant to ozone, weathering and chemicals. With properly blending of CSM, it can have the super resistance to oil and neat. Apply to produce all kinds of inflatable boats, rafts and life-float and other special purpose.

material: hypalon, neoprene, nitrile rubber
fabric: high tenacity polyester fabric
color: yellow, grey, black, red, blue etc.
surface: smooth 
standard size:
555dtex-500deniers-600g/sqm, 0.4mm x 1.0m x 120m
1100dtex-990deniers-1300g/sqm,1.0mm x 1.2m x 50m
1670dtex-1500deniers-1500g/sqm, 1.2mm x 1.2m x 50m
minimum order quantity: 2rolls/color
packing in paper tube
***When you enquiry, pls confirm the color, size and quantity***

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