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Hypalon-Viton Rubber Sheet
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ModelHypalon Rubber Sheet
:  Black/Yellow/Red/Orange/Gray/White
Temp Range
-30° to +200° F

Description: An ozone resistant synthetic rubber --- Hypalon® is a synthetic rubber used to waterproof a roof or many other applications.  A thermoset rubber material providing excellent abrasion and flex fatigue resistance; flame and oil resistance; and resistance to weather, liners, ozone, and oxidizing chemicals. Ideal for industrial and petrochemical applications.

Hypalon Rubber is very resistant to attack by oxygen and ozone, and properly compounded products show excellent weathering resistance.

High tensile strength is characteristic of hypalon vulcanizates, which do not need the use of highly reinforcing fillers for good tensile properties.

Compunds can be formulated for excellent abrasion resistant and for brittle temperatures as low as - 60 oC (- 76 oF).

Hypalon vulcanizates show excellent resistant to corrosive chemicals. Hypalon rubber has excellent electrical properties. They have good heat resistance with an "EE" by ASTM D2000 being obtainable. They can also be compounded for good flame resistance.

New Technology-Cloth Insertion Hypalon Rubber Sheet

NBR-Hypalon Rubber Sheet     Viton-Hypalon Rubber Sheet



Neoprene-Hypalon Rubber Sheet     Fabric Inserted Hypalon Rubber Sheet-Black



According to the market demand, Fullchance has developed a new kind of special rubber sheets---Cloth Inserted Hypalon Rubber Sheet. 


1: Anti ultraviolet, anti-oxidant, high temperature resistant and cold resistant, durable

2: Super tear resistant, peeling resistance

3: High air tightness, abrasion resistance, high impact resistance

4: Fire retardant, antibacterial and antifungal, oil resistance and fouling, acids and alkalis resistance

5: Many colors available and not easy to fade

Common Specifications:


Cloth Inserted Hypalon Rubber Sheet





Tensile strength





65+-5 Shore A


Outdoor travelling, construction, safety lifesaving, daily supplies, transportation, yacht, inflatable boat, outdoor tent, oil boom, windshield of automobile and train

In order to facilitate bonding and laminating, one side can be Hypalon, and the other can be Viton, NBR or Neoprene. The colors can be customized according to the customers’ requirements.

Regular colors: gray/gray, gray/black, blue/black, yellow/black

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at email sales@fullcance.com