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PP Sheets, Polypropylene Sheets
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Standard size of fullchance's PP sheet: 1000 x 2000mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 1500x 3000mm,etc.

 All of fullchance's PP sheet is Grade A.

 100% pure material. density: 0.91g/cm3

 Other detailed information, please contact Fullchance Team, we will give you more detailed information.

 Maybe Fullchance's prices of PP sheet are not lowest, but we guarantee the quality we promised.

 if not, we will refund all your money. 

Polypropylene Sheets is short in PP sheet

 Polypropylene is a low cost, chemical resistant plastic with excellent aesthetic qualities. Polypropylene is easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment and is often fabricated into water and chemical tanks. 

Polypropylene is available in both hotopolymer and copolymer grades. 

Homopolymer Polypropylene

Homopolymer polypropylene is stronger and stiffer than copolymer. 

Copolymer Polypropylene

Copolymer polypropylene is a bit softer, but it is tougher and more durable than homopolymer polypropylene. Copolymer polypropylene tends to have better stress crack resistance and low temperature toughness than homopolymer polypropylene. 

1.         Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment

2.         Low moisture absorption

3.         Good chemical resistance

4.         Low cost

5.         Extremely tough (copolymer)

6.         Excellent aesthetic properties

7.         Easy to fabricate

Exact data sheet of PP sheet, please contact Fullchance team, we will send to you. 


   1.         Chemical tanks

   2.         Plating tanks

   3.         Fire truck water tanks (copolymer polypropylene)

   4.         Cutting boards for food preparation

   5.         Semiconductor equipment cabinets and work surfaces

   6.         Orthotics and prosthetics

We have CNC and cutting machines, so we can do machining works of PP sheet. 

          Why Fullchance Group, why choose us 

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  2. Fullchance is a group company, we have 5 factories, we have very big capacity of production, so we are doing very fast production. And we also have big stock, so we are doing fast delivery.
  3. Fullchance Group have own shipping agent, freight cost is lower, and security is much better.
  4. Every year, Fullchance Group except improve our production lines and products, we develop one or two new products. The huge R&D department guarantee our competitiveness.
  5. Professional production people keep producing good products.
  6. Professional sales people help you get what you want in minutes.
  7. All of our re-sales and aftersales service people are enough patient to answer your any questions, and solve your any problems.
  8. We have big fund support us to do flexible payment. T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, etc.

Manufacturing Processing


Package and Transporation

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at email sales@fullcance.com