PP Sheet

Polypropylene Sheet
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Polypropylene Sheets




Thickness: 1-60mm



Standard Size: 610*1220, 1000*2000mm



Color: white/natural/black/gray



Other sizes and other colors can be customized.




Specifications/Special Features :




  • Good mechanical and high impact strength
  • Resists scratching and good abrasion-resistant
  • Good electrical properties, moisture- and creep-resistant
  • High dimensional stability and good luster
  • Good chemical and stress cracking-resistant to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis and many acids (strong oxidizing acids is a exception)


Machine solution:


  • Turning, drilling, milling, sawing, die-cutting, routing, shearing with different tools or machines




  • Automotive interior and exterior
  • Aircraft interior trims
  • Home appliances
  • Architectural model buildings and prototype models
  • Machine parts and rollers




  • Customized lengths, widths and thickness tolerances are accepted
  • Certain grades available in various colors
  • Minimums may apply to certain materials

Manufacturing Processing


Package and Transporation

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