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Natural PP Board
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1220*2440mm, 1500*3000mm



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all the sizes and color can be customized


1.Feature of PP Sheet


1. Odorless and nontoxic, pollution-free, flame-retardant performance;

2. Crossbar to the degree of uniform thickness, with a high degree of transparency and high gloss;

3. There is good strength, rigidity, and has an excellent secondary processing performance;

4. PP Sheet are easily shaped, machined, printed and cleaned with elegant appearance and stable dimension.


2.Advantages of PP Sheet

Excellent chemical resistance


Excellent electrical properties

Easily formable, welded & machined

Excellent tensile strength and stiffness

FDA Approved

Low moisture PP option rate


3.Disadvantages of PP Sheet


1. Low oxidation resistance


2. Low abrasion resistance


3. Easy to brittle at low temperature


4. HF-welding not possible


5. Difficult to varnish and glue


6. No weather resistance


4.Applications of PP Sheet

Polypropylene PP Sheet is often used for lining or complete manufacture of acid and chemical tanks and Polypropylene is also sometimes used as back or chopping boards within the packing industry as it helps when the sharpened cutters penetrate the cardboard and acts as a substrate for the cutters edges.


Polypropylene PP Sheet is also well known for its uses within the prosthetic industry as Polypropylene can be heated and molded to an excellent shape to particularly enable foot, leg or other limb supports being produced accurately.


Another useful application for Polypropylene PP Sheet is the use within clean rooms for cladding walls and creating a durable barrier that is both tough and resistant to strong cleaning fluids. Other useful applications for Polypropylene PP Sheet include swimming pools due to its chlorine and water resistance and also battery boxes, this is due to Polypropylene having excellent acid resistance.

Manufacturing Processing


Package and Transporation

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