Rubber Sheeting Roll

Genernal Purpose Rubber Sheets
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Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -30° to 210° F

This rubber sheet material is a general purpose industrial rubber used in any application needing a common elastic rubber material.  Used in all kinds of instances from decorative to rubber sheeting flooring runners, industrial buildings, OEM parts, and other agricultural situations.  This general purpose rubber sheet can be used almost anywhere that your applications need average rubber.  This general purpose rubber has a longer wear life because it is press cured when manufactured.

Application: Our General purpose sheets of rubber is very well suited for a wide range of applications and noted for its resistance to chlorinated and sea water, most chemicals, great resistance to oil and petroleum, ultra-violet lights, oxidation and its ability to maintain flexibility in cold temperature environments while exhibiting extreme toughness to wear and tear.   For Commercial and residential applications, this rubber sheet can be used under shower pans, drainage systems, garage applications, weather stripping, washer and dryer pans and many construction and remodeling uses. 

We cut Rubber Rolls into several different sizes.  If you do not see the Size you need, Email us your technical parameters if you need customized neoprene rubber sheets.


GP Rubber  Technical Specifications:

GP Rubber Rolls
GP Rubber Sheets
Large Rubber Sheets

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