Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

Commercial Grade Silicone Rubber Sheet
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Color: Orange Red 
Surface:  Smooth

Temperature Range: -30° to 400° F

Description: Commercial Grade Silicone rubber is a unique synthetic elastomer made from a cross-linked polymer which is reinforced with silica. Extremely durable UV and Ozone resistant, silicone rubber maintains a high temperature range. Applications include gaskets, seals, cable blocks, fuel seals, rollers and die cut parts.

Applications:  Commercial Silicone Gaskets, Industrial Seals, Vibration Pads, Thermal Management, General Silicone Use & Rubber Diaphragms. 
Silicone rubber works well as an electrical insulator for surge protectors and transmission and energy distribution substations. Commercial grade Silicone rubber is available in 30 thru 70 durometer. High temperature extents allow it be used in extreme high temperatures for extended periods of time. Can also be used in food processing applications but is not FDA approved.

Silicone Rubber Technical Specifications:


Standard Grade Silicone Rubber Sheeting


Silicone Rubber Rolls
Commercial Silicone Rubber
High Temperature
Silicone Rubber

Cloth Inserted
Silicone Rubber

Textured Silicone Rubber

FDA Approved
Silicone Rubber

Transparent Silicone Rubber

Translucent Silicone Rubber

NSF & High Purity
Silicone Rubber

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