Pure Gum Natural Rubber

Tan Natural Gum Rubber
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Color:  Tan / Black / Off White
Temp Range -20° to +140° F



Description:  Gum rubber is a synthetic version of the pure gum rubber.  The gum rubber is typically better than pure gum as the gum rubber isn't produced with organic materials.  Gum rubber is made entirely from a synthetic composition giving it longevity that an organic material can not provide.  Gum rubber is abrasion resistant and super resilient because of its low durometer and superior elongation compared to other rubber materials.

Applications:  Used in most industrial or commercial applications.  Self healing for gun ranges and gun target backing materials.  Gum rubber, with its outstanding abrasion resistance is an excellent choice for blasting booths, blasting rooms and soda blasting areas to line the wall for protection.  Gum rubber is also used in some stamp and industrial marking applications.  Gum Rubber is also a non marking rubber material

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Gum Rubber Technical Data:

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