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Viton® Rubber Gaskets
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®Rubber Gaskets

Used in fuel system seals and hoses, O-rings, shaft seals, expansion joints and gaskets in caustic environments.

Viton gaskets also known as FKM gaskets, are produced from a high quality rubber material made from Viton.  Viton rubber gaskets are extremely durable and are well suited to put up with the rigors of caustic environments and fluid exchange devices. Viton rubber gaskets extends the thermal resistance of most mid-performance elastomers. SEND US YOUR DRAWINGS TODAY!!!

Standard Grade Viton Rubber Sheeting


Commercial Grade
Viton Rubber
Commercial Brown
Viton Rubber
Cinnamon Scented 
Viton Rubber

Hardness 60 Shore A

Hardness 70 Shore A

Hardness 80 Shore A

FDA White Viton Rubber





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