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Viton® Rubber Cord
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Surface: SMOOTH
Temperature Range:
 -20° to 400° F

75A Nominal

Description: Viton rubber Cord / O ring material will invariably work in almost 90% of typical O-Ring sealing applications. The Viton O-ring cord stock has a broad range of resistance to chemicals and temperature extremes. Viton Cord rubber also has the ability to have sustained life cycles at temperatures above 400° F as a continuous operating temperature. 

ApplicationViton® rubber O-Ring material and O-Ring that meets ASTM D2000/SAE J200 specifications. Viton®  O-Rings have excellent resistance to chemicals and petroleum.  Most Viton® O-Rings have the ability to “snap back” or gently return to their original size after a compression set. Viton®  O rings are not recommended for temperatures under zero ° F operating temperatures.  Below Zero temperatures will make the Viton Orings hard but they usually do not break or crack.

Standard Grade Viton Rubber Sheeting


Commercial Grade
Viton Rubber
Commercial Brown
Viton Rubber
Cinnamon Scented 
Viton Rubber

Hardness 60 Shore A

Hardness 70 Shore A

Hardness 80 Shore A

FDA White Viton Rubber





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