Viton® Fluoroelastomer Rubber Products

Hardness 70 Shore A Viton® Rubber Sheet
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Color: BLACK
Surface: SMOOTH
Temperature Range:
 -20° to 450° F
70A Nominal


Viton® rubber grade 70 duro is very strong Viton material.  Viton® Rubber Sheet 70 durometer material is very durable and has the ability to       withstand high temperatures and environmental extremes.  70 Durometer Viton® rubber sheets also have an extended resistance to oils, petrochemicals and fluids.  Steam pipe gaskets and fuel gaskets.  Resistance to amines or caustics Resistance to hydrocarbon fluids.  Also known as 70 Grade. 

Grade 70 Viton® Specification:

Standard Grade Viton Rubber Sheeting


Commercial Grade
Viton Rubber
Commercial Brown
Viton Rubber
Cinnamon Scented 
Viton Rubber

Hardness 60 Shore A

Hardness 70 Shore A

Hardness 80 Shore A

FDA White Viton Rubber





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