Viton® Fluoroelastomer Rubber Products

FDA Approved Viton Rubber Sheet
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Color: BLACK
Surface: SMOOTH
Temperature Range:
 -20° to 450° F
75A Nominal


FDA Viton® rubber grade materials and sheets are for labs and cosmetic production facilities that need the extra durable rubber and the FDA compliant ingredients to meet the standards.  FDA Viton® Rubber Sheet contains FDA Approved Ingredients per 21 CFR 177.2600 while still maintaining its high temperatures and extremes in caustic resistance.  FDA Viton rubber is also very versatile in that it holds up very well in steam applications.

FDA Viton® Tech Specifications:

Standard Grade Viton Rubber Sheeting


Commercial Grade
Viton Rubber
Commercial Brown
Viton Rubber
Cinnamon Scented 
Viton Rubber

Hardness 60 Shore A

Hardness 70 Shore A

Hardness 80 Shore A

FDA White Viton Rubber





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