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Fine Ribbed Rubber Mat
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Corrugated Fine Rib rubber matting is a great lightweight safety mat. A perfect flooring product for those long slippery retail entryways.  The Fine Rib Mat will work well to reduce accidents throughout the wet season, when rain, snow, and ice pose a safety issue.   

This mat can easily be cut to fit, on site, making for an easy tailored finish. This product can also help define pathways and commercial aisles, helping direct consumers to specific destinations.

This product is stocked in large quantities and can be purchased in any custom length.


Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting - Width: 100cm Thickness: 3mm

This sturdy and durable fine ribbed rubber matting solution is now available in customized size.

Fine ribbed high-quality NR/SBR rubber compound makes this product a smart solution for many applications. Offered in basic black, 3 mm thickness, ca. 3200 gr/m², constructed of 100% rubber.

The fine ribbed rubber design facilitates cleaning, enhances the slip-resistant nature and adds to comfort.

Common applications for the product include:

  • floor matting and floor covering (e.g. for walkways and ramps, including those with high traffic),
  • livestock trailer flooring
  • surface protection
  • workbenches and shelving protection

This ribbed rubber matting solution is oil and grease resistant and easy to clean. It insulates and reduces noise.

Available in widths of 100cm. The desired length is fully customizable and ranges from 1 m - 10 m.

Fine Ribbed Rubber Mats - Width 180-200cm Thickness: 3mm

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