Silicone Rubber Sheeting Roll

Silicone Foam Pad for Ironing Tale
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Ironing Table Silicone Rubber Sheet

1. Charactor:

Long life-span
Good flexibility

2. Color: Red/White/Beige/Yellow/Blue/Gray/Orange

3. Size:
Standard size: 1.8m*0.9m*10mm
Three models:
5°-10° Shore A
15°-21° Shore A
27°-33° Shore A

4. Purpose: used on ironing table and pressing machine

5. We are professional manufacturer in this field and we supply many kinds of silicone foam and silicone rubber pad according to our customers' requests.

6. FREE SAMPLE CARD is available.

Minimum Order: 10 pieces

Many Colors Available

White Silicone Foam Pad Yellow Silicone Sponge Pad Blue Closed Cell Silicone Sponge

New Technology Silicone Rubber Sheets

The 5th Generation Silicone Sheet
for Solar Laminators
The 2th Generation Silicone Sheet
for the Encapsulation of  
Solar Modules
Silicone Sheets for
Solar Photovoltaic Laminating
FC2111- Silicone Membrane for 
Vacuum Film-coating Machine
FC2211- High Tearing Silicone 
Sheet for Vacuum Presses
FC2321- Cloth inserted Silicone 
Sheet for Hot Presses
F3112-Common Grade
Silicone Vacuum Bag
FC3222- High Tering Resisting
Silicone Vacuum Bag
Transparent Silicone Strips

Extended Products---Silicone Foam Sponge

Open Cell Foam Silicone Sheet
for Ironing Table
Closed Cell Sponge Silicone Sheet Silicone Foam Pad
Silicone Sponge Sheeting Roll Silicone Foam Strips Silicone Sponge Tubes
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