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Flooring mats
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Nipple Mat

The mat is covered with flexible rubber studs/ fingers/ bristles which act as buoyant air cushion. Just one step on this mat activates these flexible rubber studs under your shoe soles. Dirt and grit on the shoes are pushed and scraped off automatically and deposited into the mat’s base. These mats offer cushioning to the feet and help minimize foot fatigue for jobs that involve prolonged standing. It also has an acupressure effect.



14" x 36" & 32" x 36"


Button Mat

For all Commercial, School, Home and Sports Facilities
»  Health Clubs »  Athletics Centers
»  Weight Rooms »  Gyms
»  Multi-Purpose Rooms »  Workout Areas
»  Fitness Centers »  Sports Complexes
»  Aerobics Centers  

Beautify and protect your floors… make them look better. Button mats are perfect for all workouts and heavy foot traffic areas to make them more attractive and long lasting. Reduce spots, markings and the damage from the impact of free weights and other equipment. Prevent wear and damage as you protect the investment of both your equipment and flooring. Use under exercise machines to cushion and secure, as well as absorb sound. These flexible mats can be installed over wood, concrete, tiles and carpeted floors that can be easily lifted or moved.


18" x 18"


Tread Alert

This mat is specially made to alert the visually impaired of the approach to the top and bottom of a flight of stairs. The ribs have to be laid parallel to the stair edge. It is suitable for interior use only and should not be used in any area that is subject to wetness. The tactile warning surface when used has specific location requirements that must be adhered to. Tread Alerts are incorporated normally into the landings at the top and bottom of the stairs (at each side of the stairs) from the leading edge of the Nosing.


500 mm x 530 mm


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