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Entrance Mats
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Entrance Mat

The unique rib and valley design provides Anti-Skid surface and allows dirt to be trapped at entrance.


The heavily ribbed back gives the mat a firm grip to the surface and enables easy cleaning. The mat gives an option of inserting carpet strips in the valley to give a better aesthetic look. It can be made to resist oil and grease environment if required.


2.1 x 1.1 Mtr.


The mat provides excellent slip resistance by keeping the standing worker away from water and grease. Provides excellent protection against standing worker fatigue.


The nipples on the underside restrict the mat movement. The mat is light weight and is easy to clean.


3' x 5' & 3' x 3'


Omni mat instills safety consciousness at your entrance. The unique design gives a good aesthetic appearance.


It is effective in muddy areas and is easy to clean.



3' x 5' & 3' x 8'


These mats have proven quality to absorb the impact of both free weights and the demand of exercise equipment. They are perfect for new applications or replacement in commercial or home workout areas. A raised-button and non-skid traction surface patter works under dry or wet conditions, and does not trap dust or dirt. Thousands of nubs on the underside act as anti-fatigue cushion, while providing sound absorbing qualities.


Air circulates freely to evaporate moisture, perspiration, cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Made of natural vulcanized genuine rubber, the mats won’t crack, peel or crumble.


2' x 3'


The herringbone pattern of this mat provides excellent traction and anti-slip properties. It is perfectly suited for high traffic areas such as entrances, etc.


Its surface design traps dirt and dust and makes cleaning the mat very easy by rolling it inside out.


4' x 8'


This multipurpose heavy-duty mat can be used both indoors and outdoors as entrance mats, bath mats, laundry mats, snow mats, scraper mats or garden mats under all weather conditions. They can be effectively used on both sides and are durable and easily washable. The unique open hole design on top with channels act as wipers and help minimize dirt trapping.


The studded bottom adds to comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness. Ring mats are of modular design and can be joined to cover large floor areas by using joiners


50 x 100 cm
80 x 120 cm
100 x 150 cm

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