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Life Raft
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A life raft is a small inflatable boat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster to aboard a ship. Throw overboard life rafts are designed to be used as independent units or as part of evacuation systems. Throw over board life rafts are stored in containers on deck and inflate in the water when the painter line is pulled.


Once thrown overboard the life raft will open and inflate automatically, the Hydrostatic Release Unit will ensure the life raft floats to the surface before inflation .Life raft is used by Navy and all other shipping companies.

Life Raft
Life RaftLife RaftLife Raft

Advantages of the Product

  • They can be stored anywhere on racks and ramps, saving valuable deck space and causing minimal disruption to sea views which is important for passenger ships.
  • Equipped with emergency packs and life raft equipment according to SOLAS and flag requirements The coated Fabric used for manufacturing Life Raft is IRS India approved.

Life Raft


Fabric Used Nylon
Polymer Used Neoprene / Neoprene
Color Fluorescent / Black
Product Capacity 20 men / 1500 Kgs
Applications All Shipping companies and Navy

Some of items included in Life Raft

  • Rations
  • Drinking Water
  • Orange Smoke Signals
  • Red Hand Flares
  • Red Parachute Flares
  • First Aid Kit
  • Torch
  • Thermal Protective Aids
  • Radar Reflector
  • Others

Life Raft


*Note: These are basic items described above, in all there are approximately 55 items included with the Life Raft.

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