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The Superior properties of EPDM WATER PROOFING

The life of any building is dependent on the designer recognizing and considering all the factors relevant to its location, shape, and function of the building. Reliable roofing is the most important part, which decides the quality & ultimately the life of the building. An efficient roofing sheeting should never allow even small traces of water to pass through at any given point and should maintain this characteristic over a long period of time. It should withstand slight movements of the structure, bad weather, chemical degradation and mechanical stress and strains.


FC-SEAL is the perfect solution, which meets the stringent requirement of good water proofing roofing sheet. In the long run it is more economical than traditional water proofing systems.


FC-SEAL has more waterproofing power than conventional material

EPDM sheet (with a thickness of 1.2 mm) is 22 times more powerful than asphalt and is 59 times more reliable waterproofing than PVC sheet.


FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) will take the “movement” of the structure

Since FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) sheet can be stretched (approx. 400%), it will not tear, crack or split but returns to the original position, without any damage to the membrane. FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) has an unfailing flexibility.

FC-SEAL withstands extremes of temperature

Because of the EPDM base polymer FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) is able to perform over a wide range of temperatures (-50° to + 150° C). FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) sheet does not become brittle in freezing weather nor soften in hot weather.

FC-SEAL is minimal extra load on your roof

FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) roofing sheet is one of the lightest roof membrane materials (with a specific gravity of approx. 1.25 kg/m2). It is highly suitable for lightweight structures and puts negligible extra load on roofs that are to be water proofed.

FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) lasts for more than 20 years

Presently in our country, asphalt based coating is employed in many buildings to protect the roof from leaking. However, the life of such waterproofing is limited and the coating has to be replaced every 2 to 3 years. Because of poor dimensional stability of asphalt in extreme temperatures we see many ruptures in the waterproofing. This is not the case with FC-SEAL (ZSWP100). With the water & weather resistance of EPDM, and good dimensional stability, FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) roofing sheets are designed to last to last for more than 20 years.

Maintenance Free Waterproofing

As the FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) EPDM Rubber Sheet does not deteriorate due to weather, heat, sunlight and oxidation virtually no maintenance is required for the roof.

Resistant to most of the acidic and alkaline conditions for wide range of temperature

As the EPDM rubber is highly saturated polymer, it has better chemical and environmental resistance than other available polymeric materials. Hence FC-SEAL (ZSWP100) can be used in chemical plants for their drainage and canal systems to avoid seepage through the RCC / CONCRETE work which in turn can damage surrounding fields. The following table shows the comparative properties of EPDM roof sheeting against other materials used for roof protection, which indicates superiority of EPDM roof sheeting.


PVC Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

BUR Roofing
( Bituminous built up Roofing )

UV resistance E P-F F G
Ozone resistance E E F F

High Temperature resistance

Cold Crack E F-G P P

Resistance to Plasticizer Migration

Dimensional E P-F F F

Install over existing roof.

Yes Yes Yes No

NA = Not Applicable, E = Excellent, G = Good, F = Fair, P = Poor