Rubber Sheeting Roll

Anti-Abrasive® Rubber Sheets
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Anti-Abrasive® Rubber Sheets

Abrasion resistant rubber sheets are compounded from high grade natural rubber to provide the best resistant to cut, wear and abrasion. Our sustained performance advantage in the rubber industry lies in our proven manufacturing process, which creates a product that provides superior performance when compared to other wear materials.

With better understanding about the Rubber application in mining industry we developed our Rubber Sheets with neoprene backing which creates better adhesion property in various usages.

High Abrasion Rubber Sheets


Good resistance to abrasion with slandered tensile strength and elasticity as per mining applications.


Widely used in shot blasting industry, rubber lining for material handling equipment or any other crucial
application to reduce wear and tear of the parts /equipments, screen decks and heavy duty transfer
chutes where cutting and slashing by sharp edged heavy particles is the leading cause of abrasion.

Finish Type

Both side smooth, one side smooth and other side fabric or buffed finish.

Standard Thickness

1 mm to 40 mm

Standard Length

10 Mtr, 33 Ft, 11 Yard

Standard Width

1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 Mtr, 48" / 54" / 60" inches


Technical Specification

  Code Specific Gravity Hardness (+/- 5) Tensile Strength Elongation Abrasion Temperature
Gm/cm3 Shore A Kg/cm2 % mm3 °C


ASTM D297 ASTM D2240 ASTM D412 ASTM D412 ASTM D5963 ---

AB 40110

1.10 40 165 600 100 -25 to +70

AB 60110

1.15 60 150 500 100 -25 to +70

AB 45110

1.10 45 150 600 100 -25 to +70

AB 45120

1.20 45 140 500 200 -25 to +70
  • Custom width and length is available on request
  • Custom colours available on request