Rubber Sheeting Roll

Rubber sheets overview
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Fullchance Manufactures a comprehensive range of rubber sheetings. From basic commercial compounds to highly technical sheets to match stringent customer specifications. All of Fullchance's rubber sheeting products REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE certified. Certification for the same are furnished upon request. Fullchance's highly innovative and competent team also offers development of custom compounds for our customers.

Storage of the Products

  • Storage conditions should be maintained according to DIN7716 standards.

  • Products must be stored in cool, dry places with temperature ranging between
    10oC / 20oC, sheltered from the sun and free from ozone, etc.

  • Avoid contact with hydrocarbons, solvents, acids and alkalies.




Product Dimensions

     We can supply sheet cut in strips, in different widths, according to your requirements
Thickness Tolerances
Over Upto Tolerance +/-
0.5 mm 2mm 0.2mm
2mm 3mm 0.3mm
3mm 6mm 0.4mm
6mm 10mm 0.5mm
10mm 15mm 0.8mm
15mm 25mm 1.0mm
Roll Length Tolerances
Length (mm) Tolerance +/-
1000mm 50mm
5000mm 250mm
10000mm 500mm
20000mm 1000mm
Roll Width Tolerances
Length (mm) Tolerance +/-
900mm 18mm
1000mm 20mm
1220mm 24mm
1300mm 26mm
1400mm 28mm
Rubber Sheet

Polymer selection criteria

Application Natural / SBR Neoprene Nitrile EPDM Butyl Hypalon Silicon Vitone
Petrol Poor Poor Good Poor Poor Poor Poor Excellent
Lubricating Oils Poor Fair Good Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Acids Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Good
Alkali Fair Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
Hydraulic Phosphates Poor Poor Poor Good Good Fair Good Poor
Fluid Silicates Poor Good Good Fair Fair Good Poor Good
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Good Good Good Good Good Fair Good
Tear Strength Good Good Good Fair Good Fair Poor Fair
Impact Resistance Excellent Good Fair Good Good Good Fair Fair
Resilience Excellent Good Good Good Fair Good Poor Fair
Impermeable to Gases Fair Good Good Good Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent
Compression Set Good Good Good Fair Fair Fair Good Good
Operating Temperature

Please Note: The information, figures, calculations, test values and data contained in this page - which we use to best advise our customers - correspond to current engineering standards. This data is the result of many years of tests and trials. As individual operating conditions influence the application of each sheet, the information in this site can only be used as a rough guideline. In the individual case it is the sole responsibility of the customer to evaluate requirements, in particular if specified properties are sufficient for use.


Our qualified engineers are available to discuss difficult problems with you.
As we cannot have any influence over how our products are used, they are used entirely at the users’s own risk. We do of course guarantee the quality of our products according to general sales conditions, available on request. Subject to change and error. The mentioned properties are guiding values.