High Tearing Silicone Rubber Sheet

Cloth Insertion Silicone Sheets for Solar Laminating Machines
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Reinforced silicone sheet | Supported silicone sheet | Silicone engineered fabrics or textiles | Silicone insertion sheet

Reinforced silicone sheet, supported silicone sheet, engineered silicone fabrics or textiles and silicone insertion sheet are all synonyms to describe the same type of product.

Bespoke Silicone Rubber Sheet

Supported silicone sheet is manufactured to a set of agreed specifications, the customer can request from a range of compounds including low smoke and low toxicity silicones. Uncured and semi cured reinforced sheet can be supplied with either a smoth or cloth surface finish. A range of textile and alternative substrates are available:

  • Polyester reinforced silicone / polyester supported silicone / polyester insertion silicone sheet
  • Nylon reinforced silicone / nylon supported silicone / nylon insertion silicone sheet
  • Nylon leno reinforced silicone / nylon leno supported silicone / nylon leno insertion silicone sheet
  • Cotton reinforced silicone / cotton supported silicone / cotton insertion silicone sheet
  • Rayon reinforced silicone / rayon supported silicone / rayon insertion silicone sheet
  • Nomex reinforced silicone / nomex supported silicone / nomex insertion silicone sheet
  • Kevlar reinforced silicone / Kevlar supported silicone / Kevlar insertion silicone sheet
  • Glass cloth reinforced silicone / glass cloth supported silicone / glass cloth insertion silicone sheet
  • Steel mesh reinforced silicone / steel mesh supported silicone / steel mesh insertion silicone sheet
  • Scrim reinforced silicone / scrim supported silicone / scrim insertion silicone sheet
  • Aramid reinforced silicone / aramid supported silicone / aramid insertion silicone sheet 

Reinforced Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturing Guidelines


Colour Colours on request

Reinforced silicone sheet up to 1.9m (dependent on support strata)


Rubber topping 0.20mm upwards.

Total weight 125 G/M2+
Insertion weight Insertions - 65 G/M2 to 850 G/M2

30 - 90 IRHD silicones


Single or multiple insertions.

Cure state

Cured or un-cured supported silicone sheet.

Surface finish Plate or cloth surface finish.
Roll lengths Customer choice (10m+), bulk rolls
Ancillary services Supported silicone sheet cut panels, slit strip and laminations