EPDM Rubber Cord

PDM Rubber Cord / Rod               

Color: Black
Surface:  Smooth OD
Temperature Range: -40° to 250° F

Description: EPDM Rubber Cord is used in several applications where a sealing cord is needed with excellent resistance to UV and temperature cycling.  EPDM rubber rod can also be used as fillers for seals and holes in applications where a solid rod of rubber is needed and can withstand environmental rigors.  The EPDM rod rubber is flexible and has a low compression set.

Applications:  Used for O-rings and seals.  Outer lid gaskets for sealing cases in petroleum tanks, Orings for automotive applications, sealing rubber rods in oil fields, high pressure gauges and meters, LNG off load docks in the piping for the connection to offload ships.  Petroleum tank gauges, weather instrumentation sealing devices.

Standard Grade EPDM Rubber Sheeting


EPDM Rubber Rolls
EPDM Rubber Roofing
Commercial Grade 
EPDM Ruber

High Strenth
EPDM Rubber

Cloth Inserted
EPDM Rubber

Textured EPDM Rubber

FDA White EPDM Rubber





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