Cloth Inserted EPDM Rubber

Color: Black
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -40° to 245° F

Description: EPDM Cloth Inserted Rubber is made up of EPDM rubber with a fiberglass cloth insert added incrementally throughout the thickness of the material. This process gives the rubber added durability and a higher degree of strength under hot or cold loads. Fabric reinforced EPDM is primarily used in gasketing applications as a high strength diaphragm between high pressure or low pressure junctions.

Application: Conveyor belts, Gaskets, High strength diaphragm. The fiberglass inserted EPDM is also very durable for applications where stability in the gasket is important. The fiberglass cloth insert reduces gasket creep when very heavy pipe, joint or structure loading is present. This type of material composition is ideal for gaskets requiring mechanical fastening. Like other EPDM rubber, it is resistant to weather, sunlight and most industrial chemicals and petroleum.

Cloth Inserted EPDM Rubber Technical Specifications:

Standard Grade EPDM Rubber Sheeting


EPDM Rubber Rolls
EPDM Rubber Roofing
Commercial Grade 
EPDM Ruber

High Strenth
EPDM Rubber

Cloth Inserted
EPDM Rubber

Textured EPDM Rubber

FDA White EPDM Rubber





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