Commercial Grade EPDM Rubber

Color: Black
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -40° to 280° F

Description: EPDM has excellent weather resistant characteristics.  Used as higher end applications on gasketing and seals for pumps.  EPDM rubber, commercial grade, is similar to the EPDM rubber roofing, however the commercial grade is less rigid and formable than the roofing rubber.  Commercial grade EPDM rubber is very resilient to alkaloids and detergents, it does have some mild resistant to petroleum.  High pressure lines and pipe gaskets use EPDM rubber because of its resistance to ultraviolet light and temperature cycling.  UV and temperature extremes cause most rubber material to become cracked brittle.  EPDM will lessen this condition from occurring quicker and provide longevity for these types of scenarios.

Applications: Applications requiring resistance of ozone, high temperature and extreme weather. Commercial Grade EPDM rubber resists elevated levels of ozone, high temperature water environments, petrochemicals and mild to extreme weather. Commercial Grade EPDM remains flexible as sheeting when subjected to harsh extremes like marine and underwater applications. Along with the weather resistant properties of EPDM, the material does not break down or extended uses of acids or alkalides.

EPDM Rubber Technical Specifications:

Standard Grade EPDM Rubber Sheeting


EPDM Rubber Rolls
EPDM Rubber Roofing
Commercial Grade 
EPDM Ruber

High Strenth
EPDM Rubber

Cloth Inserted
EPDM Rubber

Textured EPDM Rubber

FDA White EPDM Rubber





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