Military Certified Neoprene

Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -20° to 212° F

Description: Military Specification rubber is also known as Mil Spec Rubber.  The products on this page are Mil Spec Neoprene.  Mil Spec neoprene is noted mostly for its resistance to oil.  Mil Spec MIL R 6855 is a very common specification for Oil resistant neoprene suited for most military applications.  The Neoprene rubber listed below is per Military Specification MIL R 6855 E Type 2 which has been replaced with SAE-AMS-R-6855.  The Military Grade MIL R 6855 is still well known and can be used in oily and petroleum based applications.  This mil spec rubber is very versatile, offers a suitable balance of oil resistance, stability, strength, and great flame resistance

Applications: Military Grade Neoprene rubber is certified to MIL Spec MIL R 6855 or SAE AMS R 6855.  Best used in application where oil is present, garages, fender wells, floors in oily or gas dripping places, tanks, vessels, fueling stations, truck beds, under tanks for transport and shock absorption, between petroleum carrying units as a buffer, helicopter maintenance, engine cowls, machine shops, weapons repair table and workstations.  There are many used for this type of MIL spec neoprene rubber.  Other Mil Spec are offered, please call us with your request.

Standard Grade Neoprene Rubber Sheeting


Neoprene Rubber Rolls
Commercial Neoprene Rubber
Medium Strength
Neoprene Rubber

High Strength
Neoprene Rubber

Cloth Inserted
Neoprene Rubber

Anti Static
Neoprene Rubber

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Neoprene Rubber

Textured Neoprene Rubber

FDA White
Neoprene Rubber

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