Cloth Inserted Neoprene

Temperature Range:
-30° to 220° F
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Description:  Neoprene Fabric reinforced sheets are fiberglass fabric coated with neoprene rubber on both sides. Reinforced Neoprene is designed for use in applications where stresses are typically static and pressures are usually low. Cloth inserted Neoprene rubber has a glass fabric featuring flame & heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, inert to most common chemicals, high strength to weight ratios, fungus and mildew resistant.  Reinforced Neoprene rubber can be used as a flange gasket where bolt or compression loads are so high that non reinforced rubber would squeeze or extrude out between the flanges.

Applications include meters, control devices, welding curtains, regulators, pumps, and diaphragms.  Fiberglass reinforced neoprene diaphragms usually contain one or more plies of reinforcing fabric for added strength and this neoprene material would be well structured for a re-enforced rubber application. 
Cloth Inserted Neoprene Rubber Technical Specifications:


.062" (1/16 Inch) Thick   .125" (1/8 Inch) Thick   .187" (3/16 Inch) Thick
Inches Inches PRICE EA. Inches Inches PRICE EA. Inches Inches PRICE EA.
W L   W L   W L  
36 36 $81.48 36 36 $123.27 36 36 $164.96
36 48 $108.64 36 48 $164.63 36 48 $219.94
36 96 $217.28 36 96 $328.72 36 96 $439.88
36 INCHES 50 FT $892.40 36 INCHES 50 FT $1,806.65 36 INCHES 50 FT $2,715.15
  .250" (1/4 Inch) Thick
Inches Inches PRICE EA.
  36 36 $210.00
36 48 $280.00
36 96 $560.00
36 INCHES 50 FT Call for Price

Cloth Inserted Neoprene rubber is suitable for use where petroleum, detergents and heavy oil resistance is required.  The fabric inserted rubber works well in environments where hot or cold water and gases are being conveyed.  The fabric can also be supplied with Polyester cloth, fiberglass cloth, nylon cloth and cotton cloth.

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Neoprene Rubber, Cloth Inserted for belting, Conveyor Belts, Diaphragms and boots / skirting

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