Medium Strength Neoprene Rubber

Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -20° to 205° F

Description: Medium Strength Neoprene rubber has a better resistance to rugged environments. The polymers in the rubber have increased tensile strength. This neoprene rubber has a nominal recovery from compression depending on the durometer.  The medium strength rubber has excellent resistance to most alkalides and petroleum based products. It also handles the rigors of constant stretching and flexing while maintaining its physical characteristics.  

Applications: industrial gaskets, medium duty diaphragms, compression fit pipes, industrial seals, cart or bed liners, and many uses for outdoor use.

Medium Strength Neoprene Rubber Technical Specifications:

Standard Grade Neoprene Rubber Sheeting


Neoprene Rubber Rolls
Commercial Neoprene Rubber
Medium Strength
Neoprene Rubber

High Strength
Neoprene Rubber

Cloth Inserted
Neoprene Rubber

Anti Static
Neoprene Rubber

Fire Retardant
Neoprene Rubber

Textured Neoprene Rubber

FDA White
Neoprene Rubber

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