Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber is an all purpose elastomer and an extremely versatile synthetic rubber used in thousands of applications. Neoprene rubber resists degradation from sun, ozone and weather and performs well in contact with oils and chemicals. Neoprene rubber maintains its strength, flexing, twisting and elongation very well over a wide temperature range while having outstanding physical toughness.  Many grades of neoprene are available depending on the application. Cloth inserted neoprene, anti-static ESD neoprene and even FDA approved neoprene is readily available.  Click on our categories below to choose the best type of Neoprene rubber for your application.

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Neoprene Rubber Rolls

Commercial Neoprene Rubber

Medium Strength Neoprene Rubber

High Strength Neoprene Rubber

neoprene rubber roll commercial grade neoprene rubber medium strength neoprene high strength neoprene rubber

Neoprene Rubber Rolls for Quantity and also Smaller Roll Sizes for construction and industrial uses.

Commercial grade SHEETS neoprene is flexible and durable repels most chemicals.

Medium strength Neoprene Rubber SHEETS  is well suited for rugged environments.

High Strength Neoprene SHEETS material is very versatile and  rugged.

Cloth Inserted Neoprene Rubber Antistatic Neoprene Rubber Fire Retardant Neoprene Rubber Textured Neoprene Rubber
cloth reinforced, inserted neoprene antistatic neoprene flame resistent fire retardent neoprene textured neoprene rubber, anti slip, non slip rubber

Reinforced with fiberglass cloth, these neoprene SHEETS handles high stress and flex.

Antistatic / ESD neoprene rubber SHEETS for electronics.

Fireproof Neoprene SHEETS boasts low flammability.

Non-slip Non-Skid textured neoprene rubber SHEETS.

Neoprene Rubber Strips FDA Neoprene Rubber Neoprene Mil Certified  
neoprene rubber strips fda neoprene rubber mil spec mil r 6855 e certified neoprene
Neoprene strips in 2" , 6" and 12" widths. Safe for food by FDA and NSF standards. Meets MIL-R-6855E Certification.


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Neoprene Rubber is and elastic synthetic rubber used in wet applications, dirty environments, industrial matting, and other rugged situations.  It is the most common type of elastomer rubber available and handles the rigors fuel, oil and heavy detergents.