Sponge & Foam Sheeting

Fullchance manufacuring various grades of sponge.Closed Cell/open cell sponges have no connecting cavities, making them ideal for applications where water exclusion and sound and gas retention are important.  Open cell sponge has connecting cavities which make the sponge more compressible.  We have the capability to convert our sponge rolls into gaskets, pads and strips cut to any width to suit your requirements. Sponge is available either plain or self adhesive backed.

Applications: Gaskets, barrier to moisture, dust proofing, vibration dampening, sealing, cushioning, packaging, sound deadening, insulation, gas retention.

Below are some of our most common grades of sponge. However, there are many other types available so please contact our sales office for more information. British Standard specification sponges are also available upon request.
Sponge Sheeting

EPDM  Sponge Sheet Neoprene Sponge Sheet PVC Sponge Sheet


Silicone Sponge Sheet

Open Cell Silicone Sponge


NBR Sponge Sheet

Viton® Genuine Sponge Sheet

White EPDM Sponge Sheet

Viton® Genuine Sponge Sheet

       Natural Sponge sheet
Open Cell Natural Sponge Rubber
 SBR Sponge  Sheet
Foam Sheeting 

Polypropylene/PP Foam Sheet

Polystyrene/PS Sheets

Latex Foam Sheet

Polyethylene (Plastizote) Foam





Upholstery Foam

Polyurethane/PU Foam Sheet  EPE Foam Sheet


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